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Explore Uganda, Serve Humanity with Helping Abroad’s Project

Uganda is the most beautiful destination on the African continent, known as “The Pearl of Africa”. Uganda has one of the highest orphan rates in the world. Uganda suffers from lack of healthcare facilities, basic education & lack of charitable HIV counseling & testing. Helping Abroad offers a variety of programs throughout the country for volunteers interested in passionately helping people who desperately need help.


Helping Abroad conducts volunteer in orphanage, teaching English project, healthcare/medical project & HIV/AIDS awareness project. HIV/AIDS has a devastating impact on Uganda, destroying lives, families & economies. By educating local communities about HIV/AIDS, you can save many lives. You can prevent HIV/AIDS from spreading. You can help the orphans affected from the epidemic HIV/AIDS, by educating & nourishing them.

By giving your love & support to these children, you can give these children brighter futures, healthy lives & desired affection. Working as a volunteer in the Teaching English program, you will provide deprived children with educational, personal &professional opportunities for their futures & give them a competitive edge in the global economy.

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Apart from serving the people of Uganda, you can immerse yourself in the East African culture. Our well-rounded volunteer programs allow you to participate in community service, travel to a stunning country, make lasting relationships and explore an astonishing culture all at the same time. To join us, visit www.helpingabroad.org.


Volunteers in Peru

Peru is a country situated in western South America. Peru is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Peru is suffering from environmental degradation. There is plenty of beach & Amazonian rainforest; there are so many mountains and wildlife species in Peru. But these all heritages are being destroyed through environment degradation. Air pollution is the biggest issue in Peru.

Volunteers in Peru

Lima, which is the capital city of Peru, is the most air polluted city. The pollution is caused by industrial activities & vehicle emissions. In 2009, 1.5 tons of lead & 810 tons of sulphur dioxides were emitted daily which is four times the maximum allowed pollution under Peruvian legislation. Deforestation is also responsible for pollution. The main reason for deforestation is subsistence farming & industrialization.

In Peru, only 87% of total urban area & 62% in rural areas have access to clean water. In main cities, 3 million tons of waste every year is generated. On the other hand the cost of Peru is subject to soil erosion by wind & water. Many volunteers are working in Peru for environment protection & educating local communities to spread awareness. Beside the environmental problems, this country is also suffering from various social problems also.


Volunteers are working for the emancipation of women, against child labor, they are teaching English & Spanish to the children & adults of the local communities. Volunteers also work on agriculture, animal welfare & nature conservation projects. They also provide medical help to the persons in need & spread awareness through medical campaigns. They work for the betterment of orphanage children & children from the poorest section of the society. They also run microfinance projects.